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Why Ketamine Could Save Your Life

This could be the fast-acting, life-saving treatment people need.


Psychedelic Telemedicine Has Arrived. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Long wait times, minimal therapy, and wrong dosing are some of the bad experiences clients say they’ve had with Mindbloom...


SOCOM To Test Anti-Aging Pill Next Year

SOCOM’s Human Performance Program includes innovating capabilities for physical training, injury mitigation and performance nutrition....


Clinical Pain Advisor | Ketamine for Pain Management, Treatment of Depression

Ketamine may alleviate depression, pain, and adverse effects associated with opioid treatment, and may thus represent an attractive adjunct therapy for pain management...


Ketamine Relieves Depression by Restoring Brain Connections

Scientists say they have figured out how an experimental drug called ketamine is able to relieve major depression in hours instead of weeks.


Efficacy of Intravenous Ketamine for Treatment of Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Ketamine infusion was associated with significant and rapid reduction in PTSD symptom severity... 


New Hope for Depression

There hasn't been a major depression-drug breakthrough in nearly three decades, but a number of factors are conspiring to change that.



A New Heartbreaking Article on Teen Suicide Rates

Suicide rate hit 40-year peak among older teen girls in 2015.




Ketamine Vanquishes Depression Within Hours

Many chronically depressed and treatment-resistant patients experience immediate relief from symptoms after taking small amounts of the drug ketamine. For a decade, scientists have been trying to explain the observation first made at Yale University.



The Current Mental Health Crisis and the Coming Ketamine Revolution

I venture to bet that Ketamine is about to be rehabilitated for legitimate human uses. Here is why.



Ketamine Improved Bipolar Depression Within Minutes, Study Suggests

Bipolar disorder is a serious and debilitating condition where individuals experience severe swings in mood between mania and depression. The episodes of low or elevated mood can last days or months, and the risk of suicide is high.




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