Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy


What is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)?

Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP) parallels the psychotherapeutic framework of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Accompanied by your therapist throughout the process, KAP involves extensive preparation across multiple sessions prior to a guided medicine session (where the ketamine is administered alongside your therapist), and is followed by integration sessions, where the experiences under the medicine are processed.

While not a classic psychedelic, ketamine shares many therapeutic properties and effects with psychedelic medicines, making it a valuable tool in the expanding field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Its unique action profile and potential for rapid and profound impact make it particularly useful for addressing certain psychiatric conditions where other treatments may not be as effective.

One of the most significant benefits of KAP is its ability to provide rapid relief. Unlike traditional medications and psychotherapies (that can take weeks or even months to take effect), KAP can produce noticeable improvements in mood and reductions in symptoms within hours of an assisted medicine session. This rapid action can be particularly crucial for individuals suffering from severe depression or suicidal ideation.

Ketamine has shown promise in treating conditions that have not responded to conventional treatments. This includes treatment-resistant depression and PTSD, particularly challenging conditions to manage with standard therapies. For patients who have tried various treatment approaches without success, KAP offers a valuable alternative.

The expanded states of consciousness induced by ketamine can enable patients to view their life and struggles from new perspectives. This can lead to enhanced insight into personal behavior and thought patterns, potentially helping individuals break free from deeply ingrained negative patterns and facilitating a deeper therapeutic process. KAP helps patients maximize the benefits of this newfound neural flexibility, and guides them toward more sustained improvements.

Our KAP sessions can be conducted with lozenges, intramuscular or intravenous ketamine. 


Meet Our KAP Providers

About Josh Clemmer, PMHNP

Josh Clemmer

Josh Clemmer is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) who specializes in psychedelic assisted therapy. His journey in mental health began when he worked as a wilderness guide on canoe expeditions for “at-risk” youth. After earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Johns Hopkins, he worked as a psychiatric nurse on a variety of inpatient psychiatry units around the United States.

He then completed his PMHNP at Case Western Reserve University, which included finishing a clinical rotation with Dr. Liang at the Klarity Clinic here in Las Vegas. This experience, along with previous exploration into the depths of the mind, and non-ordinary states of consciousness, led him to the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he earned a certification in psychedelic assisted therapy. This certification helped inspire Josh to become a co-founder of a psychedelic harm reduction collective, which emphasizes the safe, ethical, and informed use of psychedelic medicines.

In his practice, he prioritizes psychoeducation and mindfulness, and specializes in psychedelic and ketamine-assisted therapeutic processes. His approach is deeply influenced by family systems and relational therapy and is enriched by ongoing training in somatic experiencing—a method that highlights the nervous system’s crucial role in storing and discharging stress and trauma.

Josh’s therapeutic work is grounded in the belief that everyone possesses an internal healing intelligence. He supports individuals in their journey towards healing and self-discovery by cultivating a resilient mindset and providing a space for growth and exploration.

Beyond his professional life, Josh is a husband, father, son, and friend. He has earned a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is an outdoor enthusiast who finds peace and rejuvenation in nature. These aspects of his “self” also inform his work in the clinical setting—he believes in the curative qualities of community, movement, and connection to the earth.



About Rebecca Kerl, CPC

Josh Clemmer

Rebecca is a masters level Clinical Professional Counselor (CPC) who has a passion for partnering with clients to help them achieve their goals for healing and wellness. Rebecca received her Masters in Counseling from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona. She has 20 years of experience as an advocate for autistic individuals, helping with a variety of needs from education to community living.

Rebecca's interest in psychedelic therapy began over a decade ago with following research and learning more of the history behind the medicine. After struggling with her own depression and PTSD without much relief from traditional therapy and medication, Rebecca chose to try Ketamine therapy at Klarity Clinic of Las Vegas. After experiencing what she feels was a lifesaving treatment, she decided to pursue additional training in psychedelic assisted therapy and recently completed a yearlong program through Integrative Psychiatry Institute in Boulder, CO.  Rebecca is also certified in trauma focused care and expressive arts. 

Rebecca will be attending a doctorate program in Autism Studies at Johns Hopkins starting August 2024 but will be available to consult remotely and hopes to return to Klarity after completion of her degree.

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