6 Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Signs of alcohol addiction aren’t always cut and dry. Whether you’re the one drinking or it’s someone you love, it can be difficult to recognize the early signs. It can be even harder to admit there’s a problem.

At Klarity Clinic, our team of addiction specialists understand the impact alcohol addiction can have on your life. They focus their treatment plans on helping you overcome your addiction to alcohol and remain sober for the rest of your life.

Ketamine and NAD+ infusion therapy is an effective way to meet your alcohol addiction head on, so you can begin your recovery.

Signs of alcohol addiction to look for

Before you can receive the help you deserve to improve your life, you need to pay attention to the warning signs of alcohol addiction. Here are six common signs you should look for in yourself and your loved ones:

1. Excessive drinking

Unfortunately, drinking can quickly spiral out of control because many people who drink excessively will continually need to drink more and more alcohol to get the same effect.

Typically, drinking more than one or two drinks a day is considered social or moderate drinking. If you’re drinking more than five drinks a day, you may already have a problem.

More than five drinks a day is indicative of binge drinking. People who are deep into alcoholism might consume 12 or more drinks a day.

2. Withdrawal symptoms

A warning sign you might have a dependence or addiction to alcohol is experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking.

Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include:

You might also develop mental health issues like anxiety and depression. In advance alcoholism, more serious symptoms can include hallucinations and convulsions.

3. Loss of control

If you find yourself promising other people that you have things under control, but continually fail to make good on your promise, you might be entering into alcohol addiction.

A majority of those who battle an alcohol addiction feel they have control over how much they drink, but they end up completely intoxicated because they can’t refuse a drink.

4. Blackouts and memory loss

Blackouts and memory loss are warning signs of a serious alcohol addiction. Not only are these issues disruptive to other people in your life, but they compromise your personal safety.

If you’ve ever woken in a strange place or often have difficulty recalling what happened when you’re drinking, you’re putting yourself at risk for violence, robbery, personal injuries, and other events that can jeopardize your life.

5. Neglecting responsibilities

If you’re choosing alcohol over what should be more important things and people in your life, it’s time to get help for alcohol addiction.

Many alcoholics eventually become incapable of managing any aspect of their life, especially family responsibilities, financial responsibilities, and even personal hygiene.

6. Changing your social circle

Those who drink excessively may ultimately start hiding their drinking from those close to them. As a result, alcoholics tend to isolate themselves and drink alone or connect with others who don’t criticize their drinking.

Getting help for alcohol addiction

If you recognize any of the above signs in yourself or others, you can schedule an evaluation with our team at Klarity Clinic. We can determine if you’re a candidate for ketamine plus NAD+ infusion therapy.

This innovative therapy is a highly effective way to address both alcohol addiction and drug addiction for many reasons. By infusing precise amounts of ketamine and NAD+ directly into your blood, you can find fast relief of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

This relief is important because for many people who suffer from addiction, the withdrawal symptoms keep them using. Infusion therapy also eliminates cravings for alcohol, another factor that makes it hard to achieve sobriety.

Find out how ketamine and NAD+ infusion therapy can help you take back your life from alcohol addiction by calling the Klarity Clinic nearest you or by booking an appointment online today.

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