Boost Your Immune System With BR+NAD – Brain Restoration Plus

If you’re often feeling fatigued or overwhelmed or if you’re getting more colds than ever before, you may be a candidate for therapy with BR+™ NAD. This innovative, minimally invasive treatment addresses the root cause of your fatigue and illness, so you can start feeling your best fast.

The experienced medical team at Klarity Clinic offer in-office BR+NAD infusion therapies to boost your immune system, enhance the function of your brain, and improve your overall health.

The role of NAD+ in your body

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme found naturally in your body. This enzyme is essential for the chemical reactions that occur on your cells to regulate many functions of your body.

Three of the primary biologic functions NAD+ contributes to include:

Energy production

NAD+ is instrumental in turning fats and carbohydrates you eat into energy. Following a chemical reaction in your cells, your body produces energy that’s necessary for communication between your cells, muscle contractions, and the manufacturing of important proteins.

Regulating stress response

NAD+ also contributes to the regulation of your body’s stress response. Along with essential proteins in your body, NAD+ promotes the repair of your DNA and produces stem cells that have the unique ability to develop into any type of cell, including bone, nerve, and soft tissue cells.

Syncs circadian rhythms

NAD+ is a vital component of your circadian rhythm, your body’s sleep and wake cycle. Improving levels of NAD+ can ensure you get the high-quality sleep you need to function optimally.

Why you may need an NAD+ infusion

When you’re young, you have sufficient amounts of NAD+ in your body to provide you with energy and stamina. As you get older, your levels of NAD+ begin to decrease. Early in your 40s, you may no longer have enough NAD+ to support important biological functions.

In addition to aging, the environment in which you live also has a negative impact on your NAD+ levels. Personal stress and environmental stressors can deplete your levels of NAD+ significantly.

To replace and rebalance NAD+ levels, the team at Klarity Clinic offer the convenience of in-office BR+NAD infusions.  They use BR+NAD-Brain Restoration Plus infusion made from the highest quality, 99.9% pure ingredients to promote good health.

The Klarity Clinic medical staff have undergone extensive training and certification processes with Richard Mestayer, MD, and Paula Norris, M.Ed from the Springfield Wellness Center, the first clinic to offer BR+NAD infusion therapy in the United States.

When to consider BR+NAD therapy

You should consider BR+NAD infusion therapy if you’re interested in boosting your general health and supporting a healthy immune system.

BR+NAD therapy is also a compatible treatment option if you’re already living with a chronic disease, such as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease. Low levels of NAD+ can worsen the state of your condition, so infusions can benefit your existing treatment and help your body fight off new infections and disease.

The team at Klarity Clinic can determine if you’re a candidate for BR+NAD-Brain Restoration Plus infusions if you suffer from chronic fatigue or common mental health disorders, like depression and anxiety. Infusions of NAD+ have also proven effective at treating addictions to alcohol and drugs by reducing your cravings and making it easier to gain control of your life.

To find out more about the benefits of BR+NAD-Brain Restoration Plus infusions, call the Klarity Clinic office nearest you, or request a consultation using the online booking system today.

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