Financial Signs of a Loved One’s Drug Addiction

Financial Signs of a Loved One’s Drug Addiction

Addicts are good at hiding their issues from loved ones, but as they continue on a downward spiral, you may start noticing some increasingly obvious warning signs, especially where their finances are concerned.

At Klarity Clinic, our experienced medical team understands what an uphill battle overcoming drug addiction can feel like. We offer long-term solutions, including ketamine and BR+NAD+ infusion therapies, to help you beat painful cravings and the overwhelming withdrawal symptoms you can experience when kicking a drug addiction for good.

Understanding drug addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that can start when you misuse or abuse drugs like marijuana, opiates, or benzodiazepines.

The addiction occurs because use of certain drugs changes the pathways in your brain connected to your natural rewards system. If you’re a chronic drug user, know that new neural pathways may be created, making it incredibly difficult for you to quit taking medications without encountering serious consequences.

When you become addicted, you can no longer stop using the drugs on their own, even when it negatively affects your health, relationships, and responsibilities. Addiction can also impact the physical, mental, and emotional health of you and those around you.

Financial warning signs common with drug addiction

Drug addiction takes a huge financial toll on people in many different ways. Primarily, the cost of buying drugs can lead to extreme financial challenges and poverty for those addicted to drugs and their families.

Some drugs are more expensive than others, but even if you’re using them all the time, the cost can quickly add up and empty your bank account. You may also start engaging in risky behaviors, such as stealing money or belongings from other people to get the drugs you crave.

Other financial strains that drug addiction can cause include:

Loss of income

Using drugs can make it increasingly more difficult to meet your day-to-day responsibilities. If you aren’t showing up to work or not working to your potential, you may miss important promotions or find yourself without a job.

Additionally, if your addiction leads to an arrest, you may not be able to maintain a job and bring income into your household if you have to spend time in jail, the hospital, or a rehab facility.

Health care costs

Misusing drugs can significantly increase your risk for serious health complications that cost money to treat. Drug addiction can lead to heart failure, organ failure, and other long-term illnesses that require ongoing treatment.

For those who experience a drug overdose, the cost of hospitalization and medical care can become astronomical.

Legal matters

If you get arrested for driving under the influence or because of risky behaviors drug use encourages, you may find yourself on the other end of never-ending legal bills from lawyers and court fees

Long-run costs

Ruining yourself financially because of drug use also jeopardizes many aspects of your loved ones’ lives. Children of addicts may not get the education they deserve and later struggle to earn enough money to support themselves.

This vicious cycle can affect generations of your family, especially if other members follow your lead in using drugs. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to get the help you need now, so you can achieve a safe and successful recovery.

Call the Klarity Clinic office near you to schedule a drug addiction consultation, or book an appointment online today. 

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