If You've Found Traditional Treatments for Depression Unsuccessful, Consider NAD

Living with chronic depression is difficult. When you couple your depressive symptoms with treatments that aren’t working, you may start losing hope.

At Klarity Clinic, the experienced medical team has extensive experience in treating clinical depression and specialize in therapies to address depressive symptoms that are resistant to traditional medications.

Understanding treatment-resistant depression

Treatment-resistant depression describes depressive symptoms that aren’t getting better with antidepressant medications and psychotherapy (talk therapy). 

For some, traditional treatments can somewhat reduce symptoms like hopelessness, sadness, and loss of interest in your activities and life. In others, medications and therapy aren’t helpful in treating symptoms at all. You might also experience temporary relief of your depressive symptoms only for them to return again and again.

If you don’t have other underlying issues affecting your physical or mental health that contribute to your depression, you may be a candidate for treatment with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).

The benefits of NAD+ for treatment-resistant depression

NAD+ therapy involves intravenous (IV) infusions of a coenzyme that plays a role in the chemical reactions of your cells. NAD helps your body convert carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy your body needs to function.

The coenzyme also regulates your body’s response to stress and your circadian rhythms to improve your ability to sleep well.

Physically, NAD+ repairs your DNA and promotes the production of stem cells, which have the unique ability to regenerate new, healthy cells to replace damaged soft tissue, nerve, and bones.

The medical team at Klarity Clinic offers BR+NAD Brain Restoration Plus infusions that contain the highest quality NAD+ formulation. At this level, NAD+ is beneficial in treating mental health issues, including depression. It also promotes well-being in your physical body by reducing inflammation, improving your immune system, and giving you the energy needed to function each day.

More options for relieving treatment-resistant depression symptoms

If infusions of BR+NAD Brain Restoration Plus still aren’t enough to provide you with relief of chronic depressive symptoms, the Klarity Clinic providers may recommend combining NAD infusions with ketamine.

Ketamine is a prescription medication that increases the levels of glutamate in your brain. Glutamate is the largest neurotransmitter in your brain that is needed for healthy brain function. 

Infusions of ketamine have also been shown effective at stimulating the growth of new neural connections in your brain, so this important organ has a chance to heal.

NAD+ boosts ketamine’s effectiveness

Combining ketamine with NAD+ helps to enhance the effects of your treatment. You gain more control over your body’s stress responses and enjoy higher energy levels to feel your best. 

Although the Klarity Clinic team customizes your course of treatment using NAD+ infusion therapy and ketamine treatments to your specific needs, you can complete your series of treatments in just a few weeks.

In many cases, symptoms of treatment-resistant depression begin going away soon after treatment begins, and this therapy offers long-lasting results.

Ketamine and NAD+ infusions have restored the hope of many who lived far too long with chronic depression. Find out if these alternative therapies are right for you by calling the Klarity Clinic office nearest you or by requesting an appointment through the online booking system today. 

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