Drug & Alcohol Addiction


Management & Maintenance

Ketamine has been successfully used in the management and maintenance of life free of drugs and alcohol. While it is not used for detoxification, it can be used afterwards to control or eliminate the urge to use again. Coupled with therapy and recovery support, ketamine infusion therapy can help you transition to and maintain a healthy sober lifestyle.

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Ketamine Psychotherapy for Heroin Addiction

Evidence suggests that psychedelic psychotherapy is a promising approach to the treatment of addiction...



Ketamine Therapy Could Treat Alcohol Addiction

A one-off dose of the drug could help alcohol addicts reduce their intake by 'erasing' drink-related memories, say psychologists testing treatment...



Ketamine Trial Could Help Free Patient From Alcoholism

Just two months ago, Marcus was drinking up to seven bottles of wine a night and regularly blacking out, sometimes finding himself in police custody...





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