NAD+Ketamine: The Answer to Your Chronic Pain

The pain of an accidental burn or a broken bone can affect your life in unimaginable ways. Now, imagine that type of severe pain as a constant in your life.

When you have a progressive disease, like arthritis or fibromyalgia, the pain you experience can be chronic and completely alter the life you once knew. Finding relief for that level of chronic pain can be difficult, especially when you’ve tried medications and a variety of other therapies that never seem to work.

At Klarity Clinic, the experienced medical team specialize in addressing seemingly untreatable chronic pain with minimally invasive therapies. The pain management specialists use a combination of ketamine and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) therapies not only to  relieve your pain, but also to restore your overall quality of life.

What’s causing your chronic pain

Chronic pain is a type of pain that lasts for six months or longer. You may be experiencing chronic pain because of an injury to your musculoskeletal symptom from a fall or accident.

Often, pain that continues to worsen over time stems from underlying chronic or degenerative conditions that affect your joints, soft tissues, and nerves, such as:

You can also develop chronic pain following any type of invasive procedure, including surgery.

Why other therapies aren’t treating your chronic pain

Initial treatment for chronic pain conditions typically involves over-the-counter medications and lifestyle changes that lessen your pain. As these medications become less effective as your pain increases, you may begin treatment using stronger prescription medicines.

Although these prescriptions may help ease pain, they also pose side effect risks of their own, including dependence. This dependence can spiral out of control and lead to drug addiction, especially if you’re using the medications and alcohol to self-medicate for pain relief.

There is also a possibility that over time your body becomes resistant to standard pain relief treatments. When this happens, many people give up hope for finding another pain management solution.

That’s where ketamine therapy and NAD+ infusions come into play.

How NAD+ and ketamine treats chronic pain

Ketamine is an analgesic medication that quickly and effectively relieves pain. By receiving infusions of ketamine, the medications also help create new synaptic connections in your brain, so you can better control your pain and enjoy a higher quality of life.

NAD+ infusions provide your body with coenzymes that are important for chemical reactions in your cells. NAD+ plays a role in regulating your stress responses, repairing damaged DNA, stimulating stem cell production, and turning fat and proteins into energy you need to function.

Combining these therapies in the treatment of your chronic pain, the Klarity Clinic team can help you get back to the physically active, pain-free life you deserve.

Treatment with ketamine and NAD+ poses little risk for side effects, and our medical team customizes infusion therapy to your specific needs. You can reduce your reliance on medications and prevent long-term health complications, including addiction while still addressing your chronic pain.

To find out if NAD+ and ketamine infusion therapy is right for you, call the Klarity Clinic nearest you, or book an appointment online today.

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