Our Best Anti-Aging Advice

Our Best Anti-Aging Advice

The effects of aging are often most notable on your skin, but getting older also changes how your body works on the inside. If you aren’t giving your body what it needs to function, getting older can increase your risk for low energy levels, poor immune protection, and chronic illness.

At Klarity Clinic, our infusion experts Henry Liang, DO, Devin Tang, MD, and Nirvana Kundu, MD, offer BR+NAD™anti-aging infusions. These infusions are beneficial for improving your overall wellness and slowing the process of aging.

What happens as you age

As you get older, your body continually changes inside and outside because of the natural process of life. However, you can speed up those changes prematurely by eating unhealthy foods, spending too much time in the sun, and being exposed to physical and emotional toxins in your environment.

Over time, our bones shrink in size, our muscles lose their flexibility, and our memory doesn’t seem as strong as it once did. You may also live with some level of chronic pain that wears you out and limits what you can do.

Although there’s nothing you can do to bypass the aging process, there are ways to re-energize your body and revitalize your health so that your body ages at a slower rate.

Practical anti-aging advice to follow now

There are a lot of things you can do starting now to look and feel like you did when you were younger. A few starter tips include:

Manage stress

Stress can age you faster than you realize. When you’re under chronic stress, it triggers inflammation in your body that damages cells and can lead to a wide range of chronic illnesses.

Get your stress under control now by making lifestyle changes, getting daily exercise, and seeing professional therapy, if needed.

Wear sunscreen

Don’t spend a second in the sun without first applying a high-quality SPF sunscreen. The sun can quickly damage unprotected skin, causing deep wrinkles and creases that age you. 

You may also be at increased risk for skin cancers that can lead to long-term health complications and premature death.

Remember that sunscreen isn’t just for the hot summer months, you need to use it all year long.

Eat clean

What you eat plays a big role in how you look and feel. By incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables, you not only protect the vitality of your skin, but also the health of every organ in your body.

Take a day to clear the pantry of processed, sugary, fatty foods, and start planning meals that use mostly fresh, organic, whole foods.

Sleep enough

Not getting at least eight hours of sleep consistently every night affects both your mental and physical health. A lack of sleep also adds unnecessary stress to your body and ages it prematurely.

Establish a healthier sleep routine, such as turning off all electronics at least one hour before bedtime and falling asleep and waking up at the same time each day.

At Klarity Clinic, we also offer multivitamin and NAD+ infusions that support your anti-aging rituals with long-lasting results.

How infusions can make a difference

Our in-office infusions contain essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. We deliver these nutrients directly into your bloodstream through an intravenous line in your arm to ensure you receive the full benefit of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

We also offer BR+NAD therapy, which delivers the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) into your body. This coenzyme plays a vital role in the chemical reactions that occur in your cells. Our BR+NAD formula helps fight the effects of:

To find out how infusion therapy can keep you looking young and feeling your best, call the Klarity Clinic office nearest to you, or book an appointment online today. 

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